Cannot select None Payment on iPhone iOS11

You need to setup the payments to buy apps and games from app store on your iOS device. If your credit card declined or you get the “Your payment method was declined” error, you need to remove the current one so that you can continue to add a new credit card. For some unknown reasons, the None payment option is missing with the iTunes software on Windows and Mac OS. In this case, you could not edit your payment information on PC. But you can try the method below to resolve the problem on your iPhone or iPad tablet. Continue reading

Fix iPad mini on-screen Keyboard Split in Half or Middle

My friend had played game with my iPad Mini running iOS 11, and made the on-screen keyboard to split in half mode. Now half of it is on the right side while other part is on the left side. I want to set two halves back to one piece, but could not figure out how to resolve the problem. It is difficult to type text in email message, Note or browser. Any way to change it back to normal mode on my tablet? Continue reading

Fix Text/snapchat notification stops music problem on iPhone X

I have used snapchat app on my iPhone X running iOS 11. I always groove on headphones or rock out with friends on a Bluetooth speaker. Sometimes the new snapchat, text or email message comes in, the playing music gets interrupted and stops playing. It is annoying that the volume suddenly ducks and a chime sounds of signal notification arrives. That also happens while I am listening to a audiobook or podcast. Any way to fix the issue on my new phone? Continue reading

Cannot delete completed reminders on iCloud and iPhone

I had created a lot of scheduled reminders on my iPhone. When I click on “Show Completed Tasks” in app, it shows over 18,000 completed reminders and some of them are blank in iOS 11. Then I select a blank one on the top row to remove it, the app keeps crashing. I have to force close the reminders or restart the device. I log into icloud website in Safari browser and use the “Clear Completed” option to delete all completed items, but they appears again in the next time I sign in. Continue reading

Cannot delete recents locations in Maps app on iPhone 7 iOS 11

I have used the built-in Maps app on both my iPhone 7 and iPad Pro tablet. In iOS 11, when I tap on search bar, it shows the recents address in the list. These addresses are the place where companies who had sent me emails and I don’t need them. So I swipe one item left and tap on remove option. The icon is changed to a grey magnifying glass. However, it will re-appear at the next time, even I force close the Maps app or restart the phone. I have to use the third part app Sygic. Any way to fix the issue? Continue reading

Fix Voice memo not working/recording on iPhone X iOS 11

The iOS 11’s built-in Voice Memos app offers a way to quickly dictate notes, record any audio, and do many tasks, such as trim off any extraneous sound, save it ony your iPhone or iPad, or share Voice Memos to your friends. However, I tried to create a voice memo on my new iPhone X with iOS 11 and it has no sound and is not working at all. It seems to be something wrong with microphone while the mic works fine for other apps like Message and Phone call. That just happen after I transfer all data from my old iPhone 6 to the X. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Fix Uconnect no device detected with iPhone by USB iOS11

I have a 2016 Jeep Renegade with the 6.5 inch display and Drive Uconnect that provides information about in-car connectivity systems. I used it with my iPhone 7 iOS 10 well without any issues. However, after I upgraded to iOS 11, and plug it via USB cable, the Uconnect doesn’t recognize my phone and shows “no device detected” error. Uconnect’s software is up-to-date by my VIN. Now I am unable to play spotify and listen to audio books during long road trips. Continue reading

Fix AirPrint Print not working in iPhone iOS 11

I have a HP wireless printer in my house and it did well with word documents on my iPhone 6. However, after I upgrade it to iOS 11, the AirPrint function is not working. That also happens with my iPad Air tablet. However, it still does the job well on MacBook Pro. Then I use the HP Smart app and it works, but I really need to print my mail message with HP Smart. I have never changed any options in the settings app.. How can I fix the AirPrint issue? Continue reading

Cannot copy & paste number string in SMS message or notes on iPhone iOS 11

I am unable to cpoy number string in a SMS message field on my iPhone X with iOS 11. When I try to tap in it, only an option “Call the number” brings up. It just thinks this is a telephone number. The Notes app also doesn’t give me a copy option for that to paste in Safari browser. But it is easy to do that on my old iPhone 6 with iOS 10. Any way to resolve the problem? Continue reading

How to select ALL text in Safari, notes apps on iPhone iOS 11

I have used an iPad Pro Wi-Fi + Cellular model and the tablet is upgraded to iOS 11.1. When I try to select all text of a web article in the Reader Mode on Safari, the option is only available only on web forms and missing with a web article. I don’t want to select word-by-word and could not find a quick way to copy a text of a lengthy web article. That also happens on my iPhone X. Any way to resolve the problem? Continue reading