Cannot send SMS messages from Apple Watch

My Apple Watch sports model paires with my iPhone 6 running iOS 8.3 successfully and I am able to receive messages from my friends. However, when i try to send and respond SMS (green messages), it is not working at all. The green bar goes across, and just hangs over there. The process won’t completes and then failes to send message. I notice that all received SMS are not stored in my list of messages. Any way to fix the issues?

If you can’t send or receive SMS with the apple watch and the messages are stuck, try any of those tips to resolve it.
1. toggling the Send as SMS and restarting the watch.
In Settings/Messages, Send as SMS as this is already on. Toggle this option to off and then restart your wearable device.
2. From the Phone settings, go to switch the SMS to be on.
3. If you are using 2-step verification, that should cause the issue. You need to re-generate the key for iMessage and FaceTime, and type it when the watch promptes you for the iCloud password.
4. Another method
The first step is to unpair your apple watch.
Within the iPhone settings, go to messages > send and receive, make sure that you have ticked your mobile number.
Finally pairing two devices again.
5. Disable the iMessage completely on your phone
On your iPhone, toggling iMessage to off to disable it, then send and receive some test SMS on Apple Watch to check if it is fine.


7 thoughts on “Cannot send SMS messages from Apple Watch

  1. DeSiree Archie

    I unpaired mines and paired mines several times. Set up watch as a new watch. Reset network settings on iPhone 7 plus- to no avail. Finally went to the Genius Bar and he has me to go to general-reset-erase all content and settings!! Wala!! I was in business.

      1. M Mistry

        I’ve had this issue for three days now & read up many solutions on how to fix it but FAILED as they didn’t work. All i want to do is send a normal sms to someone else from my watch.
        I was on the phone to apple for like 3 hours but with no luck i was told to send the watch back to apple for a replacement. OR i could go into Apple store. The Apple store was no luck as the bloke said to take it back to the shop i purchased it from.
        So by doing my own research, this is how i manged to FIX IT!!…
        On my phone MESSAGE settings, i turned off iMESSAGE & hey-presto, normal SMS was working again!
        After turning IMESSAGE back on, it had stopped sending SMS…but imessage worked as it did from the start.

        I am now in the process of erasing all setting & content on my watch via settings- general-reset-erase all content & settings…….& fingers crossed hoping it will fix it!?!?
        NOPE!! didn’t work.

        So solution is to turn imessage off!!

  2. Noe Gutierrez

    I have been having the same issue. Like M Mistr commented, turning off iMessage fixed it. But now I can’t use iMessage on my phone.

    I noticed this problem started when I updated my phone a couple days ago.

    1. M Mistry

      Hi Noe,
      Well when i went to Apple Store they said its not anything to do with them as its an issue with our carrier (Phone network)

      It is a strange issue turning off iMessage, but like you, i do use iMessage mainly.

      I’m going to talk to apple support via a phone call as the rep did say to me to call her anytime if nothing is resolved.
      ……….will let you know the outcome.

  3. Phillip

    This has happened three times now after updates. Only solution unpair then pair. I spoke to someone at Apple but not much help tried to make an appointment to see them in store, but they tell me they cannot book me in until next week. So wait seven days or unpair and pair again.

  4. Rebecca

    I am now having this issue! Unable to send SMS via iwatch, but is says that it was sent on my phone. I change the setting to not send iMessage, and it works, But why should we have to do this. There has got to be a glitch somewhere in the updates and Apple should be able to fix with an update.


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