Fix Apple Watch Instagram feed not update and lost Network connection

The watch OS and iOS of the paired iPhone are up to date and both of them have full strength connections to the internet. After I installed the Instagram app on my Apple Watch and tried to pull up new feed message, it showed the error message “we’re sorry but something went wrong. Please try again.” with close option. Reinstalled it numerous times and that was still not working and I could not figure out how to resolve the problem.

How to fix Instagram app feed won’t pull up on Apple Watch
* On your paired iPhone, tap the instagram app to open it, log out your current account and then log back in.
* Go back to your watch, on the error message screen, hold the dock button down to show up the power down/emergency call options, and then hold down the home button (the Digital Crown on the side of device) to return to the main screen showing all the apps. Now tap on the instagram app again and it will take seconds to show up all current Instagram feed.

If Instagram app get “The network connection was lost.” error on your Apple watch, try another method to fix it:
* First once you have logged in with Facebook account, Instagram should get the lost connection issues. So you need to change other account to log in normally.
* Uninstall Instagram app from your Apple Watch and from your paired iPhone. Then reinstall the app on iPhone first and add it back to the wearable device and finally the connection becomes fine. This method worked for me.


16 thoughts on “Fix Apple Watch Instagram feed not update and lost Network connection

    1. Lauren

      Can you explain more in detail, hard to follow initial post. I’m having the same issue, thanks!

  1. Paula B.

    Thank you so much!! The first fix did the trick! I thought it wasn’t suppose to work, beyond notifications. I’m not technically savvy enough to own an Apple Watch. Can you tell? Thank you again!!

  2. Yair

    Let’s say I have my Apple Watch with all my stuff and I buy a knew one or exchange it will I still have all my stuff from my old watch?

  3. Yair

    Let’s say I buy a Apple Watch and I have all my stuff on it and I buy a new one will I be able to transfer it?

  4. sannn

    β€œThe network connection was lost” i was facing this issue and the solution worked well. Thank you πŸ™‚


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