Howe to disable Apple Watch notification of unlock Mac

The MacOS Sierra and watchOS 3 come with available feature named Auto Unlock. With enabling the Auto Unlock, you are able to automagically unlock your Mac by sitting down in front of it when you are wearing the Apple Watch. However, I face the annoying problem for that. I regularly need to go away from my Mac computer for work. Every time I return to my desk, the Mac is unlock and my Apple Watch get a ping and a notification.

The haptics is redundant, because I already know I’m logged in the Mac system. I look around the settings but could not find any option to turn the unlock notification off completely. The haptic always alert and also waste the battery life of my Apple watch. Is it possible to disable the notifications.

In Watch OS 3, it is not presently possible to turn off Auto-Unlock Mac notifications and silence the ding on your Apple Watch. It will alter you on the display each time when you login system on Macbook.

The next firmware update should add the related option to remove it.


One thought on “Howe to disable Apple Watch notification of unlock Mac

  1. jo

    That ‘feature’ is SO annoying!! I don’t need to be notified that I unlocked my mac as I sit down to use it. I’m right in front of it. I was just searching for a way to disable it when I came across your article. I hope to see this change in the next update!


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