Enable OK Google not working on Android Wear 2.0 watch

Everything worked fine on my Huawei watch with Android Wear 1.5. After the system has been upgraded to the latest version of Android Wear 2.0 updates, I say “OK Google” loud and clear and it is not working at all and nothing responds. I have to hold the crown every time and speak, but it is pretty annoying. I enable the recognize the command option and restart both devices and it doesn’t take any effect.

‚ÄčOK Google is useful voice commands for your smartwatch and is used to run Google Now in AW 1.X version. Now the Google Assistant is available with Android Wear 2.0. To launch it on an AW 2.0 watch, just long press the power button. this feature is available in English and German only since now.

1. Make sure “OK Google” detection is turned on
Swipe down from the top of the screen of the watch face, tap Settings > Personalization, and Turn on “Ok Google” detection.
2. You need to give permissions for the OK Google to work
Go to apps > system apps > google > permissions, and set the OK Google to allowed.
3. I have already setup the above settings and nothing happens. I go to disable Bluetooth and only enable WiFi on my watch, and the complains can contact Google server. The voice command works as before.
4. It seems that doing a factory reset can fix the issue. You need to go to the store to update all of the apps, then open the settings to enable OK google.
5. You can also use OK Google commands without WiFi and I test it outdoors without problem. ON my AW 2.0 LG watch, go to Apps, system apps > google > permissions, enable permission to phone or ticked all. Then you are able to use it with your paired iPhone.

“OK Google” is the most important feature. I use the Google Assistant responses time is horrible and slow. It always send txts message with no auto send. Its

My friend live in Czechia and lost any speech control with wearable device. Because Google Assistant isn’t launched yet in his area while Google Now is removed in Android Wear 2.


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