Fix Airprint not working with printer in iOS 11 on iPhone

As an Apple protocol, AirPrint has been built-in to iOS devices and many printers on the market. You can open the share button in app and tap print option to begin printing photo, or text document directly from your iPhone or iPad wirelessly. I had used the feature in iOS 10.1 but the AirPrint is not working with “Security of connection could not be verified.” after upgraded to iOS 11.

My Brother printer is connected to a Windows computer by USB cable. I had ran the Bonjour printer wizard to configure the settings and also used Airprint Activator. My iPhone 6 plusis on the same WiFi network and can fing the printer name but show the error “The security of the connection could not be verified”. That also happens with Samsung CLP-310 device and I have to log in the computers to do that.

You could try any of the tips to fix the AirPrint not working in iOS 11 problem
Forget the wireless network and re-connect it
* From the home screen, tap Settings app and Tap Wi-Fi.
* Find the connected wireless network you want to remove, tap the blue arrow next to the network name, tap Forget this Network, and confirm that.
* Then open the WiFi setting, select your WiFi network, sigh in with password again.
I have done the way and now the Airprint works on my iPHone 7.

Another method
* Go to the computer which is connect with Airprint printer, deactivate the AirPrint feature, and then go to the Control Panel to uninstall the printer completely.
* Make a rebooting with the PC, and reinstall the printer. You need to use the “Windows AirPrint Installer” program and follow the instructions to configure the AirPrint, instead of using AirPrint Activator software which may cause issue.
* If you want everyone to print, the better choice is to create a new username called AirPrint and set it up.


7 thoughts on “Fix Airprint not working with printer in iOS 11 on iPhone

  1. Fred Parry

    How did you find a fix for the problems with iOS 11 and air printing!? It works!! I have been searching all over for the answer. Been in touch with Apple and HP and none of them have the answer. I thought the printer needs new drivers but your solution is so simple. I have shared your solution so I hope you don’t mind. Thank you so much.

    1. Jawad

      Tried all of the above, still same issue…

      Yep, same here.

      I have Windows AirPrint Installer 1.3 installed on Windows 10 where my printer is shared from, with Bonjour print services installed. Tried the guest account, AirPrint account and with a blank password, but no help… continue to see the “security of the connection could not be verified” message from my iOS 11 devices.

      Started encountering the security of connection error after upgrading to iOS 11, and the issue is still not fixed with the iOS 11.1 update. My other iOS devices with pre iOS 11 (10.x) still can print to the same printer with the same exact setup, while the iOS 11 devices don’t.

      The forget username password button also doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t ask for a username or password on the next print request.

      Apple needs to fix this.

    2. Phil

      After months of not being able to airprint – this solution worked!! Forgot the network in settings and then reconnected to network. Worked on iPhone 7 and iPad. Thanks. How come the geniuses at Apple and HP could not figure it out!!!

  2. James West

    Problem persists – the above fixes don’t work.
    ‘The security of the connections could not be verified’
    Cannot print from iPad or iPhone 5S with IOS11 – iPhone 4S with IOS10 is fine.
    Can’t back out OS11 to OS10 (too late)
    Hence the benefit of NOT updating to every OS release!!!

  3. Hayder Mohammed

    I have the same problem on my iPhone 6 and iPad pro, so I suggest not to upgrade to ios 11 for those who want to use this option, by the way I am using my iPhone 5c which is not upgraded to ios 11 for printing..

  4. Jasmin manaf

    Same here. Cannot print from iOS 11, have no problem with iOS 10 have to install Printer Pro from the App Store


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