iPhone not receive text Messages alerts/notifications in iOS 11 lock screen

When I receive a new text message from my friend, the iPhone 7 doesn’t alert me on lock screen. I have already configured the volume and ringer levels to the highest and doesn’t use the silent mode. It also happens if I am listening to music and the alert doesn’t play through the headphones. My family members complaint that the notifications don’t appear on the lock screen or on vibrate. If I tap Home button to unlock it, the notification are listing there. How can I resolve the problem?

How to fix Text message notifications not working in iOS 11 on iPhone/iPad
Correct the settings
* Go to Settings > Notifications > Messages, make sure Messages are turned on
* Then set the notification type to either Banner or Alert, as well as set the Show Previews to Always.

Another useful method
* From Home screen, tap on the Settings app to open it.
* Tap on “Touch ID & Passcode”, input your passcode to access the related options
* Scroll down to the “ALLOW ACCESS WHEN LOCKED” heading, and toggle the “Recent Notifications” from Off to On for enabling the feature.
* The last setp is to make changes with the Bluetooth feature. Enabling the Bluetooth always make the same problem to happen later. You need to go to Settings > Bluetooth, and turn it off completely. Finally all of your new Messages alerts or notifications will be working again. My wife send a new text iMessage to my iPhone which is on lock screen, and then the text notification really pop up and play sounds.
If you only disable Bluetooth via Control Center, it will still kill the notifications or alerts process. Becasue it is just a soft disable. it shows “New Bluetooth connections have been turned off from Control Center” and the the top status bar doesn’t have Bluetooth icon. But the Bluetooth is turned on at all.

This may be a bug in iOS 11. If the above methods are not working at all, you have to wait for the fix from Apple in the next updates.


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