Cannot copy & paste number string in SMS message or notes on iPhone iOS 11

I am unable to cpoy number string in a SMS message field on my iPhone X with iOS 11. When I try to tap in it, only an option “Call the number” brings up. It just thinks this is a telephone number. The Notes app also doesn’t give me a copy option for that to paste in Safari browser. But it is easy to do that on my old iPhone 6 with iOS 10. Any way to resolve the problem?

By default the iOS 11 treats a set of numbers of a certain length as if it’s a phone number, and then offers the way to call that phone quickly. It seems that there is no any option to disable this new feature since now.

If you would like to copy that number string in SMS text message from banks or other apps such as Whatsapp, Viber, Notes, tap and hold your finger on the number, and select the “Copy Phone Number” option. Now you are able to paste the number string to other text field as usual.

However, it is still a big issue for that. When you paste it in other apps like Safari, it will add tel: at the front over the full number. To get rid of that, I have to copy and paste numbers into a field with a limited number of digits allowed

I think that this is a bad behaviour with the new iOS. It is strange that the iOS 11 on iPhone picks up all numbers as phone numbers, while also adds that tel: prefix to the string. It is annoying for me and I have to deal with them every time.


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