Fix Bluetooth headphones keep disconnecting with iPhone X in car

I have a Bose wireless headphones and it doesn’t connect well with my iPhone X through Bluetooth. That also happen with my Apple watch 3. When I use AirPods in my car, iPhone X just connects with heavy static and the Bluetooth connection keeps disconnecting. I am not sure if it is confusuion with the mercedes ME adapter in my car. How can I resolve the problem?

How to fix Bluetooth keep disconnecting with iPhone X in car
Fisrt make a resetting with your iPhone
* On your iPhone X’s home screen, tap on the Settings app.
* Tap on the General, scroll down to the bottom, and tap on Reset option.
* Then tap “Reset All Settings” and you might need to re-type your passcode to continue. Once you’ve done that, all phone’s settings will be restored to default and the saved network connections will be removed, such as all your saved Wi-Fi access points and their passwords, and Bluetooth connection.
* Finally go to delete the phone from the car’s memory and then pair them again to check if it is fine in the car.

If you still could not use the above way to fix the Connection and static issues when using Bluetooth in the car, try another method to get rid of that.
Delete the iPhone’s old phone name and set it a new paired name
* Go to Settings > General > About.
* Tap on the first line to shows the name of your iOS device.
* Then rename it to a new name, and tap Done button to finish it. After I do that and re-pair them, the Bluetooth function never drops in my car. But the car’s speaker can not get sound from Waze nav app in both Media or Radio setting. I will have a test with the latest iOS 11.2.

Another useful way
* On your Mac or Windows PC, open the iTunes software, and use it to do a full reset and restore the OS from backup, then set it up as new device.


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