Fix iPhone X Camera Won’t Focus in iOS 11 with picture/video problem

After I upgrade my iPhone X to iOS 11.2, the camera runs into a focussing issue. When I open the stock camera app and point at different objects, the autofocus is no working at all as expected. I tap on the screen and it doesn’t attempt to re-focus on something that is 1-2m or further away, and only does a light balance. But it focus the object close to the lens. The feature also fails with third party apps.

It seems to be bug in iOS 11.2 and casues the Camera Won’t Focus problem, and that happens with iPhone X and iPhone 7 Plus. Many people have got the completely unusable camera, and all the taken photos and video will be blurred. You could try any of the tips to fix it.
* Tapping on the back of the device with the palm of your hand, the focus function might start working. This is this simple step for that on my iPhone X.
* It only takes affects the camera with default 1x mode in the wide angle lens. If you use the 2x zoom camera or front facing camera, it become normal.
* Sometimes the iPhone case or a magnetic attachable lens make the blurry snaps. You’d better remove the case temporarily to check if it is fine.
* The debris, dirt or finger prints make the camera lens not working perfect. You could find a micro-fibre cloth or a soft cloth, use it to clear the lens gently.
* While you are using the camera app, press and hold the camera button to wait the picture to become clear, and then release the button.
* Force Camera App To Close. Open the Control Center, swipe left to find the preview of camera app, and swipe up to close it, then re-open the app.
The other solution
* Restart Your iPhone to check the camera focus again.
* You can also erase All Content And Settings. Open the Settings, go to General > Reset > Erase all content and settings, and tap Erase iPhone, then setup as a new device.


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