How to backup/transfer voice memos from iPhone to iCloud/Mac

iPhone and iPad have the default Apple app named Voice Memos for recording mysterious sounds. It is useful for musicians, writers, journalists. If you wants to backup all voice memos at once, the best way is to do a backup. The iCloud and iTunes backups include Voice Memos, and you can easily restore them from the backup and transfer to a new device.

However, you might would like to painstakingly share or transfer each one individually to iCloud, here are the how to tips.
* The iCloud Drive doesn’t have Voice Memo folder by default, so you’d better manually create a folder for audio clips, and another folder for notes.
* On your iPhone or iPad. tap on the Voice Memos app to open it.
* Tap on the memo which you would like to transfer, and hit the share button.
* From there, select “Add to iCloud Drive”option to back it up to iCLoud, or use the“Add to Notes.”. Then you are able to access the Voice Memo archives in Notes and iCloud Drive.You can also transfer it via a text message or email.

If you want to back up voice memos to your Mac locally, without iCloud Drive, try the method below to do that.
* First you need to enable the Bluetooth feature on your iPhone/iPad and Mac.
* If the Voice Memo is a small file, open the Voice Memos app, select the memo, and press the Share button. Then tap on the your Mac’s account photo under AirDrop to transfer it to your Mac.
For audio recordings with large file size, you need to use the iTunes software to do that.
* Connect your iPhone to your Mac via cable, and open the iTunes software.
* Select the phone symbol on the upper left pane.
* Click on Apps in the sidebar, and scroll down to the bottom. You will see the Voice Memos are there. Simply drag and drop the audio clips you want to have to your Mac’s location.


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