How to fix Siri response slow and unreliable problem on iPhone in iOS 11

After my iPhone 6 plus upgraded to iOS11, the intelligent personal assistant Siri feature becomes slow and unreliable. That happens when I tried to use it to set reminders, schedule events, or ask question. The Siri activates and its natural voice takes about 20 seconds (at least twice) to respond and process my requests. I use the feature on my Apple watch 3 and it works well but just delay half the time on my phone. Then I restart the iOS and make a resetting and nothing takes effect. How can I make Siri running fast?

Many people have same excruciating experience in iOS 11 on their iPhone 6 or iPad Air. The Siri actually listen but doesn’t hear what you are saying. You could try changing the Siri’s voice to improve Siri’s responsiveness and get rid of the slow to understand the command performance.

How to Change Siri Voice Options to Listen to Siri’s More Natural Voice in iOS 11 on iPhone
* Tap on the Settings app from Home screen.
* Tap on Siri & Search > Siri Voice. The quick way is to search ‘Siri” at the at the top box, and select it from result.
* From there, choose the Siri Gender and also the Siri Accent to your preferred one. The new sounding voice and accent will be downloaded to your iPhone device and enjoy them.
* Return to the main Siri screen , you could also change the country for that to check if he/she is any faster. Then change it back to what you had previously.

The Siri might be also not usable with CarPlay, because the system always timeout on its response process. To resolve it, you could have a try those suggestions, such as power off iPhone, un-pair the phone and car, reset head unit system in the car, then power on the phone to get connection.


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