How to Search Message History in iMessage/Whatsapp/Facebook on iPhone iOS 11

You might always communicate with your friends or family through iMessage, Facebook and Whatsapp on your iPhone or iPad. If you haven’t deleted the conversation thread or never clear out old messages, there will be dozens of messages on the iOS 11 device. For some reason you would like to look for the specific conversation and here are the how-to tips for search for messages History in each apps easily.

How To search iMessage History on iPhone iOS 11
* Tap on the Messages app to open it.
* Tap the search bar at the very top.
* Type the person name or phrase any other text message you want to find.
* From result, locate on the specific message you were looking for and tap on it. it will take you to the place of that conversation.
You can also use Siri feature to check New Messages through all of your iMessages. It is helpful do that by the Bluetooth headpsets while you are driving.
* First hold down the Home button to activate the Siri feature.
* Say“Check new messages,” If you have any new messages, Siri will read the name or phone number of the sender with the new messages, and ask if you want to reply. Then you can say Reply and also voice your message.

How to Find the specific threads in WhatsApp on iPhone
* Open the Whatsapp, log into your WhatsApp account, and tap on the Chats tab on the menu bar at the bottom of the screen.
* Swipe down on the screen to get the Search bar at the top.
* Type the phrase, words, event, or person name. Then all match messages will be highlighted in bold from results. To locate the message, tap on one to get it within the thread.

However, it is no way to search specific Messenger Conversations in the iOS Facebook or Facebook Messenger app on the iPhone since now. You have to do that in web browser on Mac or Windows.


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