How to select ALL text in Safari, notes apps on iPhone iOS 11

I have used an iPad Pro Wi-Fi + Cellular model and the tablet is upgraded to iOS 11.1. When I try to select all text of a web article in the Reader Mode on Safari, the option is only available only on web forms and missing with a web article. I don’t want to select word-by-word and could not find a quick way to copy a text of a lengthy web article. That also happens on my iPhone X. Any way to resolve the problem?

In iOS 10 or previous version, it is easy to select all text in Safari browser on my iPhone.
* First you need to enable the Speak Selection feature.
Open the Settings app, tap on the General > Accessibility section.
Scroll down near the bottom, tap Speak Selection, then toggle it to ON.
* After the web contents has been loaded in Safari browser completely, first select a word, and drag the start handle to the top of the paragraph.
* When the selection style will be changed to a box with handles at the top and bottom, drag the top handle to the top of the webpage. Now you are able to select all in Safari.

In order to select text much more easily, the trick is to enable Reader Mode
* Open up the web page in Safari, and tap the Reader icon which looks like a paragraph of text in the top left corner. It will transform the current article into the Reader Mode layout. Then you can tap and hold any text passage and select the text as you want to have.

However, after my iPhone is upgraded to iOS 11, the method is not possible for me. The Speak Selection doesn’t select an entire page of text for copying or pasting,. The selection is always on a word-by-word basis, and block selection option never appears.
* To select all text temporarily, I have to manually scroll all the way down to the bottom of a page, and highlight every word.
* In the native Notes app and other apps with a blinking cursor, you can get the blinking cursor in between words, and press and hold to choose the “Select All” option.
* Another workaround is to use the third-part iOS app, such as Speak It! which I use to convert text to speech.


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