Improve/Fix iPhone X weak cellular signals problem

I used AT&T carrier on my iPhone 7 well. After I get the iPhone X and setup with my previous cellular network, the cellular signal strength becomes weaker than that on my previous device. The Signal strength dropped dramatically to 3g service and cut off phone calls when I am at home, without 4G signal. I am not sure if it is some wrong with its signal antenna. How can I resolve the problem?

Many iOS users have reported the extremely poor signal with their iPhone X. I reset the network setting and nothing take effect. The issue may be due to your current versions of the iPhone X, based on which carrier you’re on.

Apple sell the A1865 version and the A1901 version in the US. The A1901 model contains an Intel XMM 7480 model. And the A1865 model using a Qualcomm MDM9655 Snapdragon X16 LTE modem is the better one and operates well in low-signal conditions. The iPhone X with an Intel XMM 7480 model has the lower data rates, so it causes the dropped phone calls and worse reception.

So you’d better buy the A1865 Model of the iPhone X for Better Cell Signal. However, if you are stuck with an iPhone X on an inferior Intel chipset and get weak signal inside your home or office, you could purchase a cell signal booster for AT&T, T-Mobile carrier to improve the cell phone signal.


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