Cannot delete recents locations in Maps app on iPhone 7 iOS 11

I have used the built-in Maps app on both my iPhone 7 and iPad Pro tablet. In iOS 11, when I tap on search bar, it shows the recents address in the list. These addresses are the place where companies who had sent me emails and I don’t need them. So I swipe one item left and tap on remove option. The icon is changed to a grey magnifying glass. However, it will re-appear at the next time, even I force close the Maps app or restart the phone. I have to use the third part app Sygic. Any way to fix the issue?

How to fix Cannot delete recents locations in Maps app problem on iPhone 7 iOS 11
* From Home screen, tap on the Settings app to open it.
* Tap Apple ID, iCloud … > iCLoud, scroll down to locate the “Maps”, and then turn it off. It won’t remove the history.
* Close the Settings app and open the Maps app, tap on the Search bar, and swipe left on an adress then tap remove option.
You have to do that one by one, but it is not way to get rid of the last one address. To resolve the problem, you could mark a general address as a favourite place. Now you can delete the last one in history.

If the rotation glitch get stuch on the screen and you could not clear Safari history completely, try this method and then go to delete the recents address.
* Within the Settings app, tap General > Restrictions, and turn Restrictions OFF
* Open the Safari, and the clear history button should be enabled and click on it.
* Return to the Restrictions page and turn it on again.


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