Fix Uconnect no device detected with iPhone by USB iOS11

I have a 2016 Jeep Renegade with the 6.5 inch display and Drive Uconnect that provides information about in-car connectivity systems. I used it with my iPhone 7 iOS 10 well without any issues. However, after I upgraded to iOS 11, and plug it via USB cable, the Uconnect doesn’t recognize my phone and shows “no device detected” error. Uconnect’s software is up-to-date by my VIN. Now I am unable to play spotify and listen to audio books during long road trips.

My friend tells me to swap out my USB cable. The big iOS upgrade process always turns “Apple certified” aftermarket USB-lightning cables into incompatible. He face the same problem on iPhone X and buy an new Apple-made USB-lightning cable and it works. But I get a new cable and still could not use the Uconnect system.

Finally I find a way to get Uconnect to detecte my iPhone 7 with iOS11.
First delete the Uconnect.
* Open the Settings app on iPhone, tap Connections or Bluetooth option, and remove the Uconnect from lists.
Then pair your iPhone to UConnect consists by the simple steps below.
* In your vehicle, press the UConnect button and follow the voice prompts to say “setup.” > “phone pairing.” > “pair a phone.”
* Say the four-digit PIN number, say “yes,” to confirm that, and tell it the name for your device.
* Go back to your iPhone, make sure you have turned on the Bluetooth capability. In the Bluetooth Settings, tap + to add a new device. It will search for hands-free device and then you need to select the UConnect and enter the 4-digit PIN number to contunie.
* After a little asked process, the UConnect system display “Pairing complete.” and it means that your iPhone is paired successfully. Everything runs smoothly and I can listen music with Uconnect system in my car.


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