Fix Voice memo not working/recording on iPhone X iOS 11

The iOS 11’s built-in Voice Memos app offers a way to quickly dictate notes, record any audio, and do many tasks, such as trim off any extraneous sound, save it ony your iPhone or iPad, or share Voice Memos to your friends. However, I tried to create a voice memo on my new iPhone X with iOS 11 and it has no sound and is not working at all. It seems to be something wrong with microphone while the mic works fine for other apps like Message and Phone call. That just happen after I transfer all data from my old iPhone 6 to the X. How can I resolve the problem?

A few people have recoded the Voice memo on iPhone X and then notice that the sound plays back no volume, even doing a reset. The issue is caused by the corrupted files during the transfer to iOS 11 process. You could try the solution to troubleshoot that.
Note: All you need to do is to wipe the iPhone X clear, reload OS, recover apps from App Store. But it will make you to lose all content and preferences associated with most apps.
Wipe the device first
* From the Home screen, tap on Settings icon, go to General > Reset.
* Tap Erase All Content and Settings, enter your passcode to continue, and then tap “Erase Now” option.
Migrate All Data from an Old iPhone to New iPhone X
* Connect the old iPhone to your Mac or Windows PC with a USB cable.
* Launch iTunes software, click on the tiny iPhone button near the top. * Select the Summary, check both This Computer and Encrypt iPhone Backup boxes, and then click “Back Up Now” button. Waiting for the backup process to be completed.
* On your iPhone X, go through the onscreen setup to Apps & Data screen, tap “Restore from iTunes Backup”, and connect to your computer
* Within iTunes, choose “Restore from this backup:”, select the created backup, and click “Continue” to begin restoring from backup process.
* Finally open App Store on the X to recover all installed apps. Now you are able to use the voice memo app.


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