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SMS messages remain unread on watch after read on iPhone X

I have upgraded my Apple Watch Series 2 38mm to watchOS 4 recently. The SMS app shows all messages remain unread with the blue dots by the message threads, while the iMessages app runs normally. However, I had already read some of them on my paired iPhone X with iOS 11. I takes a while to read all in my Mac and the SMS are still left unread on the wearable device. It seems that the Messages doesn’t run in the background to mark them as read. That never happened in watchOS 3 version. How can I get it working again? Continue reading

How to raise/lower Siri volume on Apple Watch 3

With Apple Watch Series 3, you are able to use the intelligent personal assistant Siri to do many tasks, such as start a specific workout, get directions, make phone call or send email messages. Simply hold down the Digital Crown, ask a question, and release the button to get Siri answer. Another way is to Raise your wrist and say “Hey Siri” to activate it. If the Siri doesn’t speak, it requires you to download the voice by Internet. Many iOS users have faced the volume problem in watchOS 4 and you could try the tips to troubleshoot that. Continue reading

Apple watch keeps going into airplane mode problem in watchOS4.2

I have used an Apple Watch 3 (nike+ edition) with the up-to-date watchOS 4.2, and also set it mirror with my iPhone 7. I always wear long sleeve shirts and some times feel Taptic feedback on my wrist. I notice that it goes itself into airplane mode and that happens randomly about 3 times in a day. It also caused my iPhone run into airplane mode and miss phone call while I was out running. Continue reading

Radio app not working on Apple watch Series 3

The WatchOS 4.1 adds a host of new features such as the new Radio app, GymKit support, and Apple Music streaming. The Radio app is separate from the Music app, and offers a way to listen to Beats 1 live, Apple’s other curated stations, or your own custom stations. User are able to press the Digital Crown button to change the stations from list on your wrist, without the need for an iPhone. Continue reading

How to turn off last song with carplay audio app displayed on Apple Watch

I have installed a CarPlay head unit named Kenwood’s DDX6703S receiver with a 6.2-inch resistive touch panel and it works perfect. However, when I am driving, I always listened to music by Carplay on my Apple Watch Series 2 running the watchOS 4.0 version. It is very annoying that the CarPlay displays the playing song and the watch does the same thing on the lock screen, without showing the current time and data. I would like to turn the showing last music off. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

VO2 max reading not working on Apple watchOS 4

In iOS 11 and watchOS 4, the Health app gets new available data sample types, such as VO2 MAX and WAIST CIRCUMFERENCE. The body metric VO2 max can measure the maximum rate of oxygen intake during peak exercise and can be used to estimate during certain walking and running workouts. The VO2 max monitoring is working with current hardware, while calculations from your workout. Continue reading

How to manually add Activity to Apple Watch

While you are wearing the Apple watch, the Activity app can help you track how much you move, exercise, and stand from day to day, and also allow you to set reminders or see history. However, if you go to do some activities like playing volleyball or basketball, you could not wear your watch to monitor that. Many iOS users have faced the same problem and are looking for a solution to add the activity data manually. Continue reading

Compatible Qi wireless chargers for Apple Watch Series 3

Apple’s AirPower wireless charging mat can charge either an iPhone 8, 8 Plus, or iPhone X, as AirPods and an Apple Watch Series 3 at the same time. There are many different type related products on the market, but most of iOS users don’t known which one is working with the iWatch. Someone has tried a test for that to figure out the supported Qi pad. Continue reading