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Gmail/Exchange message load slowly in mail app on iPhone with iOS 11

I have setup an exhange account with push in the built-in mail app and it worked fine on my iPhone. However, I face the problem after upgraded to iOS 11. When the preview shows a few message coming in, I select the new message and the mail says loading for a long time. The app becomes extremely slow to load the content from exchange server, if they are pushed into my inbox. How can I resolve it? Continue reading

How to fix Siri audio draining battery on iPhone

The battery percentage of my iPhone 6s has been dropping unusually fast in iOS 10.2 and it happens most of the time. I check the battery app and it indicates that Siri audio had used about 65% of my battery life. The Siri seems to be culprit, so I disable it completely in the Settings app. However, if my phone wasn’t on the charger at night, the phone died in the morning and I missed something for work. Continue reading

Facebook events not showing in iOS11 calendar app on iPhone

My iPhone 8 has been upgraded to iOS 11.0.1. When I access the stock Calendar app, the Facebook Events is Not showing up. It is impossible to remove the old pre-Facebook calendar while the related data have been corrupted. It’s actually quite annoying the app is intergration in iOS 11. On my Mac High Sierra, I go to settings and subscripe to Facebook, the birthdays etc does really show in iCal but they doesn’t sync to other devices. Continue reading

Fix Smart keyboard for iPad Pro not working after iOS11

The Smart Keyboard provides a full-size keyboard for the 10.5‑inch and 12.9‑inch iPad Pro, without any plugs,switches, and pairing. If you don’t use it, fold it to create a lightweight cover. The new accessory make something wrong in the latest iOS version. I had got a smart keyboard for iPad Pro and connected it with the tablet and it worked fine in iOS 10. However, after I upgrade it to iOS 11, the keyboard only works for 15 seconds and then becomes broken. I press any key and there is no any response. Continue reading

iPad Missing blurred background in Control Center on iOS 11

When I swipe finger fast and quickly up to half of the dock icons on my iPad Air with the iOS 11.1, it opens the Control Center but it just displays without blurred background. I try a simple Restart and it still occurs. I always need to access the Control Center and that make it to become unreadable. It is very annoying for me and I could not figure out how to get rid of that on my iPad tablet. Continue reading

iPhone X microphone muffles during calls with Apple Folio Case

My iPhone X is covered with Apple’s Folio Case and it works fine except the phone call. When I make calls with my friend, the microphone muffles at times so people couldn’t hear me properly. That also happens when I receive phone calls. It sound like that I am underwater. Then I try voice memos and it is fine. I remove case and then on and it makes the same noise。 If I change it to the bluetooth headphones and it is crystal clear. Continue reading

Fix iPhone X Camera Won’t Focus in iOS 11 with picture/video problem

After I upgrade my iPhone X to iOS 11.2, the camera runs into a focussing issue. When I open the stock camera app and point at different objects, the autofocus is no working at all as expected. I tap on the screen and it doesn’t attempt to re-focus on something that is 1-2m or further away, and only does a light balance. But it focus the object close to the lens. The feature also fails with third party apps. Continue reading

How to backup/transfer voice memos from iPhone to iCloud/Mac

iPhone and iPad have the default Apple app named Voice Memos for recording mysterious sounds. It is useful for musicians, writers, journalists. If you wants to backup all voice memos at once, the best way is to do a backup. The iCloud and iTunes backups include Voice Memos, and you can easily restore them from the backup and transfer to a new device. Continue reading

iPhone X Email Notifications Cleared when FaceID Unlock Lock Screen

I have setup an exchange server in the default iOS mail app on my iPhone X. However, every time I use the FaceID unlocks the screen, all already Email Notifications are cleared so I am unable to see the preview of the messages. The related message previews stay and I need to have the alerts for that. I also have the same problem with my IBM Domino Traveler account, while the iCLoud account works fine. Continue reading