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How to enable GPS Power saver in Microsoft Band 2 to Extend life

Microsoft Band 2 has added the new GPS Power Saver feature for sampling the location of Fitness lovers in intervals, rather than in a continuous single stretch. This wearable device comes with an additional four hours of battery life, but the GPS facility always drain battery life even while you are running a long marathon. That will cause the device doesn’t long enough life for a half-marathon and a full marathon. Continue reading

Use Microsoft Health Web Dashboard on Microsoft Band 2

The Microsoft Health Web Dashboard app can help Microsoft Band 2 users do lots of tasks, such as view, analyse, and export the collected data, and share it with other fitness apps. After the wearable device tracks your bests for activities, you can use the new function to get insights on your personal fitness data and improve the overall quality of your health. Continue reading

How to enable and setup UV monitoring on Microsoft Band 2

UV or Ultra Violet Radiations cause numerous problems and sunshine can also be a dangerous. However, many people don’t use of sunscreens and clothing coverage to prevent the Skin cancer. The new Microsoft Band 2 is a jam-packed device with sensors for fitness tracking, and features a UV monitor on the face of the metal clasp used to secure the watch and help shield you from the burning sun. Continue reading