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Apps turn Pebble watch into fitness tracker

The wearable fitness trackers can monitor your workouts and display the daily routine’s information on the device’s screen itself or smartphone. By default the Pebble lineup products don’t offer much in the way of fitness or health apps. If you are wearing a Pebble watch on one wrist and don’t want to have it on the other hand, here are some useful apps for help you turn the current smartwatch into a fitness tracker. Continue reading

Fix Pebble steel stuck in Recovery Mode: Pair with Phone problem

My brand new Pebble steel worked fine for just a few weeks old and now it is stuck in a Recovery Mode loop after a recharge. I hold the back + up + select buttons for 10 seconds at the same on my smartwatch to make a rebooting, and restart my iPhone, but the display still shows the error message “Recovery Mode: Pair with Phone Pebble EA45“. How can I fix the issues? Continue reading