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WiFi disconnect, slow problem in iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad

I was able to connect my iPhone 7 to wifi network in my house with high speed and the device was running iOS 10. However, after I upgraded it to iOS 11, I get many new features and improvements except the WiFi. I could not connect to the Wi-Fi network while typing the correct password. Sometime it becomes fine and the speeds is always extremely slow. The same problem also happens on my iPad Pro and it keeps dropping connection intermittently. Continue reading

Cannot link/enable Game Center in iCloud services on iPhone iOS 10.3

I have set up an iCloud account on my iPhone running iOS 10.3 and all iCloud services can be enabled except the Game Center. When I opened the Settings app and tried to turn it on, the screen just displays a very long spinner animation for about minutes then returns to disabled state by itself. However, my iPad with the same account didn’t run into such problem. Now I could not link game center to iCloud services on my phone and could not figure out how to resolve it. Continue reading

Apple watch series 2 GPS Mapping not working without iPhone

The Apple watch series 2 has new, built-in GPS feature, so the “Route” appear under the summary of your workout in the Activity app. I have to get the information while I runs, rides, walks and alaso carry my iPhone. The workout won’t provide the map of my route in the summary without my iPhone. It seems to be tethered to the phone to track. That happen with Apple Workout app (outdoor run/walk), Runkeeper and Runtastic. Continue reading

How to start breathing exercise and customize with Breathe app on Apple Watch

The new Breathe app in watchOS 3 turns Apple Watch into a meditation machine and prompts you to take a minute to relax, focus and meditate. In the addition, it also reminds you to performed the most essential human task like stand and walk throughout the day for staying alive. If you suck at breathing, try the how-to tutorial for that to find your moment on wearable device. Continue reading

Best GPS Locator Smartwatches for kids/children

Most of the smartwatches on the market are designed for adults only, but a few manufacturers have released the products tailored for kids specifically. If you need a way to check on your children while they are outdoors playing or visiting friends, those smartwatches can help parents know where their location and keep track of them. Continue reading

How to send custom text replies from Pebble smartwatch

I am able to use the HTC Mini device which has LED screen and keypad to configure pre-loaded SMS contents like I will come soon, or I will check and answer your email for quick replying the imcoming SMS. Is it possible preload the same into Pebble watch and take action on notifications while running, swimming, or bicycling. Any way to resolve the problem? Continue reading

How to Update apps and firmware on Pebble time/steel

The Pbble is one of the popular e-paper display-based smartwatchs in the world. When an updated firmware alongside new app has been rolled out, such as display notifications in more languages, expanded character set and full notification support on Android, you’d better update the firmware to the latest experimental version that will bring some performance improvements, and fix bug. Here is the how-to guide to do that. Continue reading