Fix iPhone X Camera Won’t Focus in iOS 11 with picture/video problem

After I upgrade my iPhone X to iOS 11.2, the camera runs into a focussing issue. When I open the stock camera app and point at different objects, the autofocus is no working at all as expected. I tap on the screen and it doesn’t attempt to re-focus on something that is 1-2m or further away, and only does a light balance. But it focus the object close to the lens. The feature also fails with third party apps. Continue reading

How to backup/transfer voice memos from iPhone to iCloud/Mac

iPhone and iPad have the default Apple app named Voice Memos for recording mysterious sounds. It is useful for musicians, writers, journalists. If you wants to backup all voice memos at once, the best way is to do a backup. The iCloud and iTunes backups include Voice Memos, and you can easily restore them from the backup and transfer to a new device. Continue reading

iPhone X Email Notifications Cleared when FaceID Unlock Lock Screen

I have setup an exchange server in the default iOS mail app on my iPhone X. However, every time I use the FaceID unlocks the screen, all already Email Notifications are cleared so I am unable to see the preview of the messages. The related message previews stay and I need to have the alerts for that. I also have the same problem with my IBM Domino Traveler account, while the iCLoud account works fine. Continue reading

Fix Bluetooth headphones keep disconnecting with iPhone X in car

I have a Bose wireless headphones and it doesn’t connect well with my iPhone X through Bluetooth. That also happen with my Apple watch 3. When I use AirPods in my car, iPhone X just connects with heavy static and the Bluetooth connection keeps disconnecting. I am not sure if it is confusuion with the mercedes ME adapter in my car. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Improve/Fix iPhone X weak cellular signals problem

I used AT&T carrier on my iPhone 7 well. After I get the iPhone X and setup with my previous cellular network, the cellular signal strength becomes weaker than that on my previous device. The Signal strength dropped dramatically to 3g service and cut off phone calls when I am at home, without 4G signal. I am not sure if it is some wrong with its signal antenna. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Fix Carplay app not working in iPhone iOS 11

The CarPlay app comes with new features such as lane guidance, the current speed limit, alternative route recommendations in iOS 11. I have used an iPhone 7 running iOS 10 and the feature works fine with my 2015 VW Tiguan car. However, after I upgraded the device to iOS 11.1 and connect them through a cable, the car takes a long time to recognizes it while the app is not working at all. It just fails to respond to remote commands in the car console and the source of music disappear in Now Playing. Continue reading

How to fix Siri response slow and unreliable problem on iPhone in iOS 11

After my iPhone 6 plus upgraded to iOS11, the intelligent personal assistant Siri feature becomes slow and unreliable. That happens when I tried to use it to set reminders, schedule events, or ask question. The Siri activates and its natural voice takes about 20 seconds (at least twice) to respond and process my requests. I use the feature on my Apple watch 3 and it works well but just delay half the time on my phone. Then I restart the iOS and make a resetting and nothing takes effect. How can I make Siri running fast? Continue reading

iPhone not receive text Messages alerts/notifications in iOS 11 lock screen

When I receive a new text message from my friend, the iPhone 7 doesn’t alert me on lock screen. I have already configured the volume and ringer levels to the highest and doesn’t use the silent mode. It also happens if I am listening to music and the alert doesn’t play through the headphones. My family members complaint that the notifications don’t appear on the lock screen or on vibrate. If I tap Home button to unlock it, the notification are listing there. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Lightning To VGA Adapter not working in iOS 11 with iPhone

Apple Lightning to VGA Adapter can output video content such as movies, TV shows to your big screen, with the up to 1080P HD supported. To use the Plug and Play accessory, attach it to the Lightning connector of your iPhone or iPad and then use a VGA cable to connect to your projector or HDTV. The Lightning to VGA Adapter was compatibility with iOS10 on my iPad Pro. However, after I upgraded the device to iOS 11, my projector doesn’t get any signals for that. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

iOS 11 reading list keep crashing in Safari on iPad

Apple’s Safari web browser has the Reading List feature to makes it easier to find content you’d like to read, and it can synchronize between your iOS and Mac devices with the same iCloud account. My iPad have upgraded to iOS 11 successfully and I get the strange problem. To read my favorite articles in webpage later, I add something to my reading list in Safari browser. However, when I access the reading list tab and tap on one of the list to view it, it just crashing and I have to re-open the Safari. How can I get it working again on my iPad? Continue reading