How to Search Message History in iMessage/Whatsapp/Facebook on iPhone iOS 11

You might always communicate with your friends or family through iMessage, Facebook and Whatsapp on your iPhone or iPad. If you haven’t deleted the conversation thread or never clear out old messages, there will be dozens of messages on the iOS 11 device. For some reason you would like to look for the specific conversation and here are the how-to tips for search for messages History in each apps easily. Continue reading

SMS messages remain unread on watch after read on iPhone X

I have upgraded my Apple Watch Series 2 38mm to watchOS 4 recently. The SMS app shows all messages remain unread with the blue dots by the message threads, while the iMessages app runs normally. However, I had already read some of them on my paired iPhone X with iOS 11. I takes a while to read all in my Mac and the SMS are still left unread on the wearable device. It seems that the Messages doesn’t run in the background to mark them as read. That never happened in watchOS 3 version. How can I get it working again? Continue reading

Fix Empty playlists in music library on iPhone iOS 11

I had got an new iPhone X yesterday. I set it up the new phone and let it transfer the account information and data from my old iPhone 6. After the process is finished, today I open the Apple Music app to listen music. However, I notice that my Cycling playlist becomes empty in my library, while it was listing there. It just states “looking for your music? Music you add to your library or purchase from the iTunes store will appear here.” message. Continue reading

Cannot Download/Update Apps by Play Store on Android Wear 2

I have updated my Moto 360 2nd to Android Wear 2 version, and now I have access to a dedicated Play store on my wrist, without smartphone. I launch the watch version of Play Store and tap the button agree to the terms and services. Three existing apps show up pending updates in the list. I do that but they are just stuck at “download pending” message. The same problem also happens when I try to download any new apps or games. How can I get it working? Continue reading

How to Turn off Auto-Brightness shortcut in iOS 11 on iPhone

I have used an iPhone SE running iOS 11.0.1. When I take it in my room, the display change its brightness to lower level which is hard to read text. I would like to adjust it manually. I open the Settings app, tap Display & Brightness and notice the Auto Brightness option is disappearing. But I could get its switch for disabling the feature in iOS 10. How can I fix it? Continue reading

How to view song lyrics in Music app in iOS 11 on iPhone

While you are using the Apple’s stock Music app to listen to favorite tracks on your iPhone or iPad, you are able to view lyrics. This is one of the biggest new features in iOS 10. The lyrics are not available for every song in your library or on Apple Music. In iOS 10, open up the Music app to play the track, tap the mini-player icon to Now Playing screen, tap the three dots and tap on Lyrics button to get it appearing. Continue reading

How to raise/lower Siri volume on Apple Watch 3

With Apple Watch Series 3, you are able to use the intelligent personal assistant Siri to do many tasks, such as start a specific workout, get directions, make phone call or send email messages. Simply hold down the Digital Crown, ask a question, and release the button to get Siri answer. Another way is to Raise your wrist and say “Hey Siri” to activate it. If the Siri doesn’t speak, it requires you to download the voice by Internet. Many iOS users have faced the volume problem in watchOS 4 and you could try the tips to troubleshoot that. Continue reading

How to enable iCloud Photo Library to sync Photos on Mac

If you have already paid money for the extra iCloud storage space, it is easy to store an incredible amount of photos and videos in the cloud server, and access them on your iPhone, iPad and Mac. To turn on iCloud Photo Library on your iOS device, open the Settings app, select your name, go to iCloud > Photos, and enable the iCloud Photo Library. To get your Mac’s photos to wirelessly sync to other devices with your same account, here are the how-to tips to set up iCloud Photo Library so you can access them on multi-touch screen. Continue reading

iOS11 Files app Cannot create new folder in On My iPhone location

I have upgraded my iPhone 6 to iOS 11. When I try to save a file locally on my phone, I select the “On My iPhone” location in Files app and notice that the “Add” button is greyed out. So I have to save files to the iCloud drive. The On my iPhone location only shows apps folders syncing with the Files app. I could not find a way to create a new folder from there, and save many different types of files with no avail. How can I fix the issue? Continue reading